Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cravings, Day 7-10

Ritz crackers with jarlsberg cheese
Tomato bisque soup with mozzarella
Fresh applesauce with cinnamon
Watermelon & tomato salad with feta cheese
Homemade turkey-vegetable meatloaf
Cooked spinach with raisins & pine nuts
Rhubarb pie with fresh whipped cream
Hot chocolate with cinnamon
Peach/strawberry/banana smoothie
Braised carrots with crispy sage
Mustard chicken
Brown rice, cooked collard greens, steamed carrot & onion
Soba noodles with shirakiu dipping sauce
A scone from that bakery in Koreatown
A gruyere puff pastry from Tartine
Wakame ramen with vinegar
Chicken fricassee
Hungarian noodles
Jiffy mix blueberry and raspberry muffins with sweet-cream butter

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