Monday, June 28, 2010



Allied forces, Brazil, Coco Rodriguez, Denim Vest,
Easy-E, Faun (Marble), Green eyes, Herro,
Isla Bonita,
Jaynes, Kooky dame, Lisbeth, Manic panic, Neigh,
Ohshit, Pigeon, Quizical, Raymundas, Spago, Tunisian,
Until the end of the world, Violins,
Wolfgang Puck, Xure why not, Yosef, Zane (Billy).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24



Achy breaky, Baldessari, CD release party,
Dita von Teese doing pilates, Eva Hesse,
Free wine, Gimlet, Himalaya, Industrial,
Jealous wretch, Koopa, Leftovers, Matrimonial,
National anthem, Ossifer, Premiere, Quest(Sea),
Roy Scheider, Sonagram, Tapenade, UV Blocking,
Vereen, Wrong, Xcantily clad, Yak butter, Zamboni.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Agriculture, Bow down before the one you serve,
Cow shit, Deadpan, Epigram,
Faint of heart, Getting along fine,
Hello how are you fine thanks and you,
Ireland Scotland and Wales,
Japanese women in Chanel suits, Kinkyboots, Lopsided, Message to you rudy, Nelgligee,
On top of things, Peregrine falcon, Qualm,
Ramparts we watched, Stovetop, The dishes,
Until now, Vaseline and glitter, Wan, Xoop,
Your dinner, Zandy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where you wanna B C's

Artificial heart, Boudoir, Chaste behavior,
Dark side of the moon, Eastern bloc, Falsetto,
Ghost in the machine, Hollywood,
I traveled all the world, Junk bonds, Kraftwerk,
La la la la, Meticulous knot work, Nancy Sinatra, Old women and their superstitions,
Porgy & Bess, Quintana, Replete, Shadow dancers, Tsarina's, Updike,
Ventriloquists Dummy,
Watering the succulents, Xenu's,
Yodeling in my dreams, Zima


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ankle socks, Birds Milk, Capelet, Devastating bow,
Elba, Forthrightness, Gaul, Heiress, Irreconcilable, Josephine, Kraken,Lolicon,
Muslin frock, Napoleonic, Old sashes,
Plaster cast, Quiver, Resume, Stallion, To parlay, Urgent care, Vindictus,
Wheatgrass, Xample Xale, Yellow taffeta, Zadie

R.I.P little Two-Face