Friday, March 12, 2010

Things I call my Cat:

Fluffer Ian Curtis, Fluffer, Fluff, The Scooted Lord, His Scooted One,
Shum-shum, Mr.Flea, Mr.Flung, Mr. Flea-Flew-Flung,
Shittin Kitten, Piece of Shit Kitty,
Mister Fluffy Trouser,
EvilEVILEVILBAD, YOU Devil Cat, Mon Petit Chat,
Mr.Magoo, Mister, My Meester, Meester Scooty Magoo,
Scootie, Scoots, Scootle-Bean, Bean Paste, Meow-Meow,
Buddy, Buddy-Guy, Prince, My Little Toon,
Toon Slice, Son.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanks, Maggie.


spearstudiesJesseCU, originally uploaded by actamang.

Oil on Linen
Portrait Study

Adidas gazelles, Brain trust, Crust punk,
Dulcinea, Essentialist notions, Fellini,
Great-no really- great- really,
Heidegger Heidegger Heidegger!,
Infared, Jealous much?, Klutz, Lessons learned,
My puffy jacket has a glossier sheen, Newsflash,
Or havent you heard,
Patti Smith, Quaintly traipsing, Rota (Nino),
Stripper pole,
The fourth rider of the apocalypse,
Umm am I pronouning that right?,
Vast properties, Wide holdings, Xena Warrior Princess,
YALE, Zuma beach.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Greetings from

Aisha, Belle of Kilronan, Christian Death, Drummy, Etnies,
Falling in love with the Wolf Boy, Gabriel, Head like a hole, In the bathroom stall, Jagermeister, Kools, Lisping,
Motorcycle gas-tank that you spray-painted black, Narc, Oat-prom, Punching-bag, Qrispy, Reeking, Sparkle-horse, The Suckling Pigs, Uncle Buck, Viper, Westfalia,
Xtra small,
Yummy scrummy, Zest soap.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Acid, Bearded friends, Cat-loving freak,
Do not order that, Excuse my beauty,
Forget about it, Go ahead I dare you, Horoscope,
I wanna get there on time hurry up, Jugs,
Karaoke booth, Linda Lovelace,
Mysterious sippy-cup, Nest, Og, Petulant,
Q-tips make me cough, Recollection, Shitty taxidermy, Talisman, Usher, Vent,
Who the hell are you?, Xlurp, Yawn, Zag

Friday, March 5, 2010


Abigail, Bellweather, Child model, Drive faster, Etching, Flimsy,
Good little kitty in my life, Hepetitis C, Iocane, Jargon, Kelsey Grammer,
Lady Lovely Locks, Millers mill, Nabisco, Oz, Petunia, Qrash, Radiant white, Stalkerish, Texas, Undine, Voracious, Waggle, Xaggy, Y-not, Zales

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Atrocious, Belittle, Coven, Discursive, Elsewhere, Flabby batwings, Grindle,
Ha fucking Ha, Isis, Jammies, Krikey!, Lonely again, Mopey, Noodle soup,
Opera that I cant remember the name of, Problematic, Questionable, Roulette, Stent, Tractor Truck, Ulman, Vampy,Wound, XS, YSL, Zoobly Zoo.