Friday, October 1, 2010

Golden State, Part Two: Delineation

RVCA and VASF are proud to present Golden State. A series of three
events showcasing some of the finest and most talented artists
California has to offer.

The concept for Golden State elaborates on a previous exhibition we
initiated in October of 2008 called Locals Only. In this we invited a
group of San Francisco based artists to take over our gallery and
explore their talents, we now look to expand our horizons too all of
California. With this resource we invite our favorite artists to
participate in this presentation. By gathering a broader community we
refine our focus, exhibiting work that shows how much we all love this
great state. Golden State expands on how the essence of California has
found its way into all of our work. Within this land is the opportunity
to embrace diversity and strive against the status quo. The creation of
new and expanding thought allows any individual to express him or
herself without the judgment that lies elsewhere. With Golden State the
artists challenge themselves to show how California is inside of us
all; emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We are happy to have
over 50 artists that can each make different claims on how they express
this through their work.

In the second-third of RVCA and VASF’s series Golden State,
Delineation brings the forms of painting and drawing to our gallery.
Each artist has their own take on the freethinking California spirit
RVCA fosters, allowing them to deviate from the traditions of the
original handheld form. Though a variety of viewpoints each artist
shows their take on these traditions, and does not always follow the
convention of paint on stretched canvas. Artists such as Michelle
Blade, who transforms painted patterns into experiential sculptures,
and Dallas Clayton, whose work takes the form of a child’s book, help
push the limits of what is expected from a painter.

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