Saturday, December 19, 2009

An American Orifice

JANUARY 2010 - Arttransponder Gallery, Berlin

Exhibition / Performance / Video Secreenings

The orifices of the body are fertile in meaning. Exchange, consumption, production, economic, social, sexual, national all can be located at this threshold where the inner meets the outer, where concealment meets the revealed, where the self meets the other. It is where the body meets the world, and the border is porous, the urges irrepressible. The grotesque acknowledges, even celebrates, the state of the body in flux, eating, drinking, excreting, fucking, being born and dying. The grotesque turns the classical, closed body upside-down, ass in the air.

The model of the grotesque is a theory of dispersal and overflowing, of recognizing fugitive concepts and identities that shift before they can be contained. The artistic practices examine on a human level the dynamics that are at the basis of world affairs: sexual relationships, interpersonal relationships, possessions, shame and exhibitionism, play and hierarchy, the body in space ...

Opening: Friday 08th of January 7pm
Exhibition: 09. January 9th - February 30th
Finissage: Friday January 30th 7pm

Artists (USA): Zina Al-Shukri, Maggie Haas, Patrick Hillman, Rajkamal Kahlon, Brigid Mason, Raphael Noz, Maja Ruznic, Alice Warnecke

a project initiated by Rajkamal Kahlon

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