Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I was swimming underwater in a pool, and I was five years old.
I love swimming under water.

I was afraid of swimming underwater. I love swimming underwater.
I am under the water, and I am wearing my goggles. I am under the water, and wearing my goggles and looking all around.

I am looking all around, and then I am looking down.
I am looking down because I am a seal and I must find the baton.
I must find the blue plastic baton and bring it up.
I am underwater and I am swimming all around and I cannot find the blue baton and
I am not a seal, I am a human girl and I need air,
so up I go- I swim up.
I swim up to the surface towards the bright blue sky, that is up.
Bright blue, like white-blue, like the inside of a robins egg,
or like the rough stucco bottom of a swimming pool
that is not the sky, but the bottom of a swimming pool
where there is no air to breathe,
and no blue baton but just you in your swimming suit.
And its very bright and quiet.

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